Friday, August 8, 2014

Relaxing Music

How's your day lovelies?

Mine is very productive as I have made quite a lot of graphics, (digital papers and cliparts) that I sell at my ETSY store JENNYL DESIGNS SHOP. Come take a peek.

Right now, I'm trying to relax for while while listening to a relaxing music such as the one that I have posted above. It helps me destress and clear my mind. Sometimes working on photoshop for more than 8 hours or so can be tiring so I need to take a break all the time. Music and sleep are my companion. They are my best friends lately hehe..

Day is coming to an end and I'm wishing that tomorrow will be another creative day for me and all of us who are working. I still need to browse for some musical stuff at and of course at my fave Pinterest.

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