Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dream and Reality

I have many dreams which I want to make come true in my life. But of course, this is not always easy for me. I have limited time, limited money, and limited physical capacities. For example, I admire birds as they can fly. They can see everything from a different perspective. They do not have to be afraid of crashing down and they do not depend on any means of transport. They can breathe the fresh air above our smog air. They can travel far away…

Blurred perceptions
Okay, enough of birds, let’s talk about something more palpable. Because it makes no sense talking about capacities which are not mean to be human. What is human, however, is a need for things. Everybody owns things. As a child, I had my favorite pet (I still have it, I have to admit and I love it), but as I grew up, I developed desires for other things too; fashion, of course, shiny things, colorful things, beautiful things. I have found it especially interesting to dress up with stylish Patek Philippe timepieces – now you might think this is posh, no it is not, because I do not actually dress up with these watches. It is just a dream. I do dream I buy them, and then enjoy them. Simply. I think the reason for me dreaming stuff like this up is that a good friend once made a good deal on expensive Omega watches and that she has been collecting them ever since. They do indeed look nice. And that’s reality. But before I will buy one of my favorite timepieces, I will get a sofa. That’s reality, too. Well, there are many projects on my to-do-list. And once my dreams have come true, I will create new ones and let you know.

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