Thursday, July 12, 2012

In Need of a New Sofa

Last summer, I had a mini home project done. It was the repainting of all the walls in the house plus a major home cleaning. The painting took around 9 days while the cleaning took us forever.. lol The task was really so hard, just imagine almost all the stuff in the house were remove. I have to throw some few things to make way for the new stuff that I bought. The house is neater now but there are more items that I'm still holding on and still thinking if I have to let them go already. Talk about hoarding, I have that sometimes but if I really want to a clean house I should let go of them yikes.

Anyway, that project is done and now I have a new wish or project on my mind. I’ve been wanting to replace our sofa but with the lack of big budget, I’m not able to purchase oneI still need to save more and hoping that I can buy something like this before the year ends or probably at the first quarter of 2013. Wish me luck!

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