Monday, May 28, 2012

Reading Labels

I went to the grocery last weekend and I was a bit disappointed because I need to return few items just because of my carelessness. Boo… I wasn’t able to read the labels carefully so I bought the wrong items. I’m so used to just get the item without reading the label especially when I already know the brand that I’m buying all the time. The ketchup that I got was “hot” when I only need the regular one, the mushroom in can that I need is whole but I got stems instead while I got whole pickles instead of crushed ones. Argghh.. hehe

Next time, I will see to it that I will read any kind of labels be it foil labels or not on bottles, boxes and on any items that I’ll buy because sometimes I thought the one that I’m getting is the usual item that I need. I also wish the manufacturers make the labels more bigger and more readable.

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