Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lights and Sound Rental Services

A good friend of mine own a lights and sounds rental services here in our town. I think he's been in that kind of business for over 5 years now and as I can see it's doing real good. Their services are rented on birthdays, inaugurations, commencement exercises, weddings, speeches, and other kinds of occasion that needs lights and sound/music on their event.

He knows how to mix music and practically he's a DJ as well. I heard from him that he is expanding, which is a great news and he needs more equipment or an upgrade of what he has already. I will not wonder anymore of he'd buy the Stanton dj mixers for sale that we saw once online. I'm sure it'll be a good addition to his equipment that he can use on his services. Wishing him well on his chosen field of business.

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