Monday, May 28, 2012

Forums and Social Networking Sites

These days, joining social networking sites is very common already. In fact, there are already millions of people around the globe who joined one of the most popular social networking sites and that is Facebook. I will not blame people for doing such because I myself is an active member of that site. Apart from sharing my views, photos, experience and more there, I was able to re-connect with long lost friends and classmates and even relatives whom I thought I would not meet again. Messaging and keeping in touch has never been easier and I’m really thankful to that.

People tend to join communities and social networking sites because we simply all want to connect, share and mingle with other people. I have once joined photography forums, gained experience, and met some new friends along the way. Meeting some of the members is also great for I was able to talk to them in real life.

When I discovered the world of digital scrapbooking way back in 2005, a new door opened to me as well. I met many friends through the forum and sharing tips about scrapbooking is one great of an experience. Apart from that, they’ve become my real friends not just online but also offline because we have been meeting in real life every now and then. Most of us have bonded very well and I’m very grateful for that. We have been talking in our forum each day but transferred to Twitter later on. These days, it’s not only digital scrapbooking that we been conversing about but any thing under the sun as well.

Almost all of the digi friends are moms now so mommies have been sharing quite a lot of information about pregnancy, giving birth, parenting and all. It’s another topic that they enjoyed talking even though I don’t have any kid of my own. It’s good to know that a mom forum is also available for mommy to-be or mommies already where they can interact and share info.

Joining forums can be exciting for it’s a place to meet new friends and share your thoughts.

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