Sunday, July 10, 2011

It Needs a Major Repair ??!

It was a great news when we heard that NAIA3 will be opened on 2006 but it was cancelled due to poor construction that some of the ceiling collapsed yay! Finally, the new airport became fully operational after many years where only few int’l flights and other domestic flights are served because the original NAIA1 was still there.

In 2009, when we flew to Hongkong for a vacation, it was on the airport where we checked in. It was nice, spacious and more presentable than the orig. one and I have no complaints. Just the other week, my sister and her family flew on domestic flight on that same airport and she could not understand why there are leaking water from the ceiling yay! Such a shame and they need to repair it asap for it is embarrassing. I reckon, it needs repair and maybe they can also upgrade some equipments (esp. on the old airport) and get one of the best metal detectors that can help in the operations.

Despite that, if ever I will fly again, I want to use that airport.

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