Monday, July 11, 2011

Back in the Corporate World

My bestfriend is back to the corporate world once again after being a WAHM for 2 years. Actually, she has no plans of going back to work because she’s been enjoying the times she’s been spending with her family plus that fact she can also earn while at home. A former officemate offered her a job that she could not resist and she also needs some extra money for their expenses, she grabbed the opportunity where she can also save a little for her family.

Eventhough she works double time now, commuting everyday just to go to work and seeing all the metal buildings in the city, I guess she has already adjusted being in the work force once again. I know that she grow more in terms of her career and can even earn more money. I just wish her the best of everything and may she found her new work a big help for her.

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