Saturday, July 9, 2011

Back from their Davao Trip

My sister and her family plus my mom went on a 4-day vacation in Davao last July 5 – 8 and they are finally home just last night. Fortunately, the weather was good at the time of their vacation despite some heavy downpour in the afternoon. I got so envy everytime they post pictures of their trip on Facebook and wished that I have come with them on this trip.

They’ve been eating endlessly, trying out different restos in the town and oh boy they’ve even tasted CROCODILE meat unknowingly lol. Only my bro and other companion knew it so it was a surprise for my sister and her children to learn that they’ve eaten a crocodile!! lol. In fairness, they said it was so good and they didn’t suspect that it was other meat products. I bet they will not eat it when they learn that it’s a crocodile.

My sister and her whole family have big appetite so I will not wonder if they ate with so much delight while they are there. It will not be a surprise also if they will be looking for diet pill that works fast because they’ve become glutton for 4 days. They have tons of pasalubongs (gifts) from their trip and that includes the famous sweet suha (pomelo) and durian candies.

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