Sunday, July 3, 2011

Home Improvements for this Year

Just last summer, my brother had their kitchen and living room floorings renovated. It was time to replace their old vinyl tiles as they have cracks already and the colors are just way too dated and dirty. Thankfully, a nearby home depot had their anniversary sale, so they were able to score some nice tiles that they had installed. The job went about for a week or so and eventhough it was dusty and their house became messy due to the renovation, it was all worth it.

Now, they have new shining floors that are also easy to clean and I bet it will last for many years if properly taken cared of. With the renovations that were done at my bro’s house, I was also inspired to have our house done as well. Actually, we’re just on the other door as our house is a duplex. I’m planning to have our living room, kitchen and also my room painted before Christmas as what I’ve promised to my mom.

The make-over will not be complete if I will not be buying or replacing some furniture. I’m eyeing a nice living room lighting fixture and a new contemporary coffee table that I saw online. Pretty sure it’ll match our beige sofa and the white walls. Finding sleek and contemporary furniture for our homes are easier now, thanks to manufacturers that are coming up with their latest styles and designs for modern homes. 24/7 Shop at Home has wide array of products not only for the living room but also for dining, kitchen and more.

contemporary coffee table

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