Saturday, July 31, 2010

Beating Deadline

Wow, it's just overwhelming. Work that is.

Been swamped with work these past few days and I got all the time to make all of them but for some reason my brain kinda empty last night when I wanted to beat the deadline. I dunno but ideas are not coming in my mind even though I took a rest yesterday. I wasn't able to submit 3 more tasks last night but fortunately it's still open this morning so I was able to finish them. Wooo .. I think that's a photo finish.

My head is kinda floating or achy right now. It must have been toasted making posts all the time hehe. I'm kinda chilling out right now but later on I will make some more for other companies. I love this job even though it's tiring, just thinking about the moolah on payday makes me ask for more :).

I want to treat myself after all these. I deserve one. I do..... Let's see what will I buy or do. Have a great weekend everyone!!

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