Friday, July 30, 2010

Calling Computer Experts

I guess I’m one of the many who is so very thankful for the invention of computers and the Internet. I remember I was a bit scared to use the PC and the Internet the 1st time I used them back in the 90’s. It’s funny to recall, because right now I don't know if I could live without them (okay, so some with exaggeration here). I use my computer 7 days a week, and for many hours during each day.

I have a net café; I also do desktop publishing where I can make business cards, invitations and more. Aside from those, I still have my other online works that require me to be online most of the time. With my need for the computer having expanded through the years, the desktop pc is not sufficient anymore so I had to buy a laptop so I could work at home or wherever I might find myself.

Now that I’m almost tied to my computer there are times that I got piqued when the computers we rent for net access or my my personal machine won’t work. Most of time I do some troubleshooting but since my knowledge is limited when hardware is involved, so I have no choice but to call my technician for help. I am just so lucky to have a good computer technician that I can rely on. For those living in the Portland metropolitan area there is a company of well trained, friendly, and efficient computer repair experts. This company is called PDMD Inc. This company provides Portland computer support for those many people like me, who don't have much knowledge about repairing pc's. We all know that sinking feeling you get when your computer freezes or crashes. 

What is most important is that this company provides a prompt response, and they can do your repair through a remote internet hook-up. If you prefer they will do a home visit to do the repair. Either way they will respond quickly and to your satisfaction. This company provides service to small businesses and home computers, and offers a 10% discount to not for profit organizations. So now people in Portland have the peace of mind knowing they have a company of computer repair technicians who will respond quickly to their computer service needs.

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