Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Christmas 2008

Hi everyone, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas like we had. Gosh it's been almost 5 days now that I have updated here.. sorry for that. Anyway, we had a fun Christmas. On Christmas Eve my family went to hear the mass, except for my mom who is sick at that time. It was uncomfortable because it was raining and the church is so full already that we are already outside the church standing with our umbrellas. Fortunately the rain stopped during the course of the mass. After mass just ate simple noche buena then went to sleep.

Christmas day, as usual there are many kids including my godchildren who came to see me and of course to accept the gifts that I have for them. We went to our relative's house too to eat and receive gifts and to pay them a visit. The kids enjoyed the day.

At nighttime, around 6 pm , i gathered all the gifts that we have and one by one we opened our presents. It was so so fun , especially the kids. Their eyes glowed when they got their present. Hahaha.. I got my gifts too, I got perfume etc. I thought I will be getting bamboo blinds for the house but unfortunately no one gave me that. Opening of gifts is always fun since it is much awaited by the kids here.

How's your Christmas?

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