Monday, December 29, 2008

Opening of Christmas Gifts

It's our family tradition every Christmas to exchange gifts and to open them on the night of Christmas day. Of course the kids are the once much excited since they have the most gifts to receive. It was 6 pm on Christmas day when I gathered all the kids, including the gifts that came from my sis JOYD from Sydney.

As you can see there are lots of gifts on the table, we almost got one of those bigger tv stands to put all of them. Anyway, each one of us has gifts to open so we were all excited and we had a good laugh esp. when we tease each other what's inside the box. The kid's eyes light up every time they open their gifts. It's such a nice scene to behold as it is priceless.
Dither with his gift from his Aunt Joy, look at the big smile on his face bec. he got what he wants

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