Friday, December 19, 2008

Beating the Christmas Rush

Yay, I've finally finished my Christmas shopping!! I've been to a lot of malls actually Robinson's, SM, Greenhills Shopping Center and 168 shopping mall for the last couple of days just to hunt down the items that i wanted to give to my loved ones and of course to my dear self.

I love shopping and enjoyed it the most if i have lots to spend haha although it is sometimes tiring. I know I have not saved and wasted some time along my shopping habits but what the heck it's Christmas anyway. Last week, up to now and for sure this weekend, malls will be full with shoppers who are trying to beat the holiday rush.

Just this morning, I was at a nearby mall to run errands for my sister and shoppers are really everywhere buying gifts or just roaming around the mall. One thing I noticed is that lots of people are at the electronics shops and household areas. Probably they are looking for some TV, cellphones, ipods or even TV wall mount for their homes. I myself bought some new plastic wares where I can put our pork or fish to be frozen at the chiller and next year i plan to buy a laptop!! wahoo

If you have not finish your shopping yet, i recommend you to finish it now or else you'll be burnt out hehe. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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