Thursday, October 2, 2008

: EC Dropping a Hard Work?

Entrecard: Free Advertising in Exchange of Hard Work
The comics drawing is made of course by my nephew Karlo and if you want more comics about blogging you can go to his COMICS BLOG and post it on your blogs.

More and more bloggers are now into Entrecard that they have spent too much time dropping. I see no bad reason in droppin' cards in fact there are bloggers who can drop 300 cards in just few minutes using some ways but with a not so internet connection of mine I can't do that. I can probably drop around 100 and that is not in just few minutes but most of my blogging hours. I have other tasks to do so I can just drop few cards in a day and sometimes is kinda

Anyway, how many EC cards can you drop in a day, per blog?

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