Thursday, October 2, 2008

: ANG PINAKA: Most Feared by Pinoy Kids:

I see to it that every SundayI have to tune in to QTV11 at 6 pm to watch the 'ANG PINAKA" TV Show hosted by Rovilson Fernandez. Actually I don't really like the host esp. if he tries to speak in Filipino !! Pia Guanio is much better host in my opinion and I hope Rovilson will be replaced hehe. Anyway, every week they try to list the TOP 10 on each topic that they picked and for the week.

For this week it is about
here are the top 10:
1. Lost in the mall
2. The Cemetery
3. Death
4. The White Lady
5. The Bumbay or (Indians)- a racist remark though
6. Sharks
7. Scorpions
8. Subok the Movie
9. Chelsea the possessed doll -counterpart of Chucky
10. The Dark
- I know when I was a kid I always am afraid of the dark and the white lady. What about you and your kids what are they afraid of?

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