Wednesday, October 22, 2008

:1 PC is Down :

It's been many days now that one (1) pc here at my net cafe is down. I troubled shoot it for a while but my efforts seems futile bec. I wasn't able to make it work. When I tried to boot the pc it will just hang and won't continue to open. I tried opening several times but still nothing happened. I asked my sister in law (my partner in crime hehe) to open the computer and check on the parts maybe their are only loose ones (as instructed by our techinican when we called on the phone). Much worse happened bec. it has no power.

I have only few units and it's a problem when my customers come or flock at the same time. I need to have it repaired so I told my SIL to bring it to the technician. The technician called today and he told me that the video card is the culprit. So we need to buy one asap and I hope it it cheap like the used cisco products. I badly need the pc at my cafe and I am hoping by tomorrow it will be working fine like it used to be.

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