Wednesday, October 22, 2008

: My B-day Gadget Wish List :

Ok I am excited now bec. my birthday is coming next month. I have been saving a lot by not going to shopping malls or shopping online like what my co- Bebots had done or buying digital kits lately (except for the 2 $1 each loot that I got 2 weeks ago) bec. I am saving to probably buy one or 2 on my wish list.

I badly need a new lens for my Rebel and that lens is perfect as my all around lens. I am constantly using my nifty fity 50mm lens but it as no zoom that is why I have a hard time most of the times when I need to shoot wide.

BTW, I am selling my KIT LENS Canon 18-55 mm just in case you want to buy and ohhh bef. I forgot donations are very much welcome via my paypal help me buy them hahaha. (wink)

On my list are:
1. Canon EFS 18-200mm IS lens (love the zoom range and the (IS) Image stabilizer feature)
2. Canon Speedlite Flash
3. Canon Wireless Remote Control
4. 5 Million Dollar Crumpler camera bag or Tracy Joy Bag
5. Lens hood

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