Wednesday, October 22, 2008

: Sleep Over:

I slept here at my shop last Monday hoping to catch the much awaited opps from a company that alerted us that they will send new ones by Oct. 20th. Many of us Bebots have waited patiently for it last Monday that is why I even brought my blanket and pillow case and spent the night here. We have been refreshing the page over and over again and as I was joking I am having a vigil hahaha. It was around 12:30 am that I decided to sleep already when I realized that it will not come anymore.

It was a bit hard to sleep here since there is no bed, i just had a foam and some few pillows. I did not fall asleep so quickly bec. it was a it noisy outside. I got some few hours of sleep and I woke up very early at 5;00 am and luckily I got an opp by 6:00 am which is $20 from another co. and that is good. Right now we are still waiting for the bunch of opps from the other co and it loooks like it will not come any time soon but I am prepared to sleep over here at my store again when it comes.

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