Tuesday, June 24, 2008

: Straight in the Bin !!! :

I am just so glad that i have been moderating all the comments here on my blog bec. there are some jerk individuals who would only comment just for the sake of getting a backlink from me (I'm a Do follower) or just to advertise their products/services.

And just today, one attempted to put a comment but it was a copy paste of what is written on my last post. Do you think i will approve that? NO WAY.. lol. People are sometimes crazy you know.
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I love receiving comments from my visitors but when it is senseless I don't like it. Just to let you know I will not approve any comments like that or with comments like " Wow" "Nice", "Great", Good Post etc. This is my blog so I have every right to ban, delete and approve comments.

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