Monday, June 23, 2008

: Mighty Frank hits Phils. :

Early morning about 4 am yesterday Sunday I was awakened by the loud gusty sounds of the wind. I look over my window and saw the trees bending over and heard some crackly sounds over the neighborhood. I prayed for a while and I knew it was typhoon Frank already wreaking havoc over our province. At around 4:30 am the electricity went off and I stood up to get my lil flashlight. I could not sleep bec. of the sound of the wind and it was a bit scary.

Morning came and we all saw that banana trees were down leaves and other debris all around our neighborhood. We are all fine and there was no flood in our area. We all just stayed at home watching news and doing nothing

We also heard in the news that a ship sunk and it was just saddening. MV Princess of the Stars sunk in Romblon carrying over 700 passengers including crew. Many have died for sure but there were survivors who could tell what really happened.

The rest of the country is under state of calamity, there's no classes today on Metro Manila, Rizal and other provinces. Read more news HERE

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