Friday, June 20, 2008

: Our Little Artist :

This is Reign, my 5-yr. old niece who loves to draw. I am not surprise anymore since artists really runs in our family if I can brag here a little bit. Her dad learned how to draw (not stick people) at age 2 and he passes on this love for drawing on his daughter.

When Reign is in the mood, she'll grab pen and paper or her favorite magic board and she'll start drawing something created by her imagination or things she sees on TV or every day life.

Here, she sat beside me and started to draw and when I turned around I was so amazed and glad of what she created. She drew a mermaid and when I asked her who it was she said it was DYESEBEL, a local mermaid and a fiction character now being shown on TV(CH7).

It was so cute bec. take a look at the tail it has flowers as decors and cute butterfly on the head. And look at those long eyelashes hahaha... I will be sharing more of her works here if I can bec. I am one proud tita (aunt).
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