Tuesday, June 17, 2008

: A must have for medical professionals :

In today’s world where technology has enveloped us through the years, it is not so unusual for people to have techie gadgets and gizmos that are sprouting each year in the market. And with all that, medical fields have also been blessed with this advancement where doctors or clinicians who own PDA (personal digital assistant) or smartphone can use it as a tool to serve their patients more. Company like Epocrates, Inc. have developed a medical software for the PDA where almost over 500,000 healthcare professionals are using it already.

Such a remarkable tool where clinicians can immediately access much needed information about certain drugs, it’s side effects and other info in a quick time thus preserving precious clinical diagnosis. They have also just recently launched for BlackBerry gadget users a free drug reference and are continuously developing so that they will available and compatible in all gadgets.

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