Monday, June 16, 2008

: Finally my Paypal got Verified !!:

I decided to get my own Debit card at Union Bank to get my paypal verified since i will not be using my sister's paypal anymore.

Here are the steps to have your paypal verified:

1. Apply for an EON Visa Electron Debit card online at UNION BANK , wait for 5 banking days
2. Go to the Union Bank branch where you specified in your application to get the card. Bring 3 valid IDs and have it photocopied bec. the bank will get it, i didn't bring any fortunately the bank has a photocopy machine.
3. Sign up a form in the bank and pay an annual fee of P350.00 the teller will give you your card.
4. Be sure and NEVER forget to at least deposit P200 or p300 (or equivalent to $1.95) to your account for paypal purpose. Wait for 1 week for activation. ( I forgot to make a deposit so I asked my friend to deposit in behalf of me)
5. After one week or so, enroll your ENROLL your debit card at Union Bank online Banking, just follow the steps
6. Go to your Paypal account and ADD your debit card, make sure you have the same billing address or else your card will not add. Once approved wait for about 3 days to LINK your card.
7.Check your account at Union Bank to see if you have been deducted the equivalent of $1.95
8. After 3 days get your 4-digit Paypal Expanded Code though your online account at Union Bank.
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I never bothered to call Union bank's customer service to get the code bec. it is always busy, it is much faster to get it at your online account.
9. Go to your Paypal account again and link your debit card and put your 4digit code to lift all the limits of sending, receiving and withdrawing. Submit and if your code is correct it will be verified.

Wow, look so easy isn't it? Just follow all the steps and you'll be verified in a blink. It took me so long bec. i missed one step.. ngek

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