Tuesday, June 17, 2008

: Too much photos!!?? :

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Finally, my Australian vacation photos were already printed last Thursday!! I only chose 900 pics from among the nearly 3,000 photos that I have to be printed. I was really looking for a store that gave me a discount in printing and thanks to Buge my co-dgiscrapper who recommended FANS Digital store in Quiapo. It only costs P5.00 per print of 4"x6" size and I was able to save a lot since the regular price here in our place is about P7.50.

It was timing that my bro. will go to Quiapo that Thurs. so I asked him to have it printed. The prints were ok but there are few that they adjusted the colors so much that it turned out to be too bright, wish they never did that. Anyway, the only problem is that I need albums for my pictures. Actually I already have 2 albums that I bought in Australia but i left it there when I came home last April bec. I was already over baggage. Well, at least my family already saw my OZ pics.

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