Friday, May 9, 2008

: No receipt issued :

Before I can get my EON card at Union bank next week i need to have 3 IDs to present them. I already have a passport and SSS ID so i need another one. So I went to post office this morning to get a postal ID. I signed up the application form and I read that it only costs P175.00.

When I gave the form and I handed P200, the lady told me that it was P285... what???? I didn't utter a word and didn't even bothered to asked why? I gave 300 and she has no change for me so I will get the P15 next week but she noted it on my form.

I was waiting for a receipt but she gave me nothing and just told me to come back on Monday to get the card and my change. No receipt issued on a government office??? Yay, I should have asked but i was left speechless.

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