Thursday, May 8, 2008

: I miss you Gordon Ramsey ! :

While vacationing at my sister Joy's house in Sydney, I had the chance to watch quite a lot of good reality shows that are not shown back here in Pinas. Some of them ate Chopping Block, Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares and F Word, etc. But my most favorite is that of Gordon Ramsey's show Kitchen Nightmares, where critics food, in house chef and how the owner manages their business.

Gordon is a world class British chef who runs fine dining restaurants in the UK and US and is well known esp. to those that love cooking and aspiring chefs. He maybe too rough and quite intimidating by the way he speaks and acts, (he swears a lot mind you !!) but he is good at what he is doing and teaching. He is funny at times too.

I miss watching him and I wish his shows will be aired here also in the Phils. bec. I'll be the 1st one to tune in and watch it.! Have you watched any of his shows?

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