Saturday, May 10, 2008

: Kids have so much energies :

After their 1 week vacation in Ilocos and Vigan my nephews and nieces are constantly looking for ways to entertain and pre-occupy themselves. After playing outside in the yard today playing basketball, their energies are not yet over bec. they still want to play games at their PS 2 gaming device. My bro bought another game the other day and they were so excited to finally play on it.

And can you believe this? They still have time to play games on the pc, and sometimes I already scold them for doing such. Ahhhh kids... they have so much energies to do many things. Oh well, I know when summer is over and when they are back in school this June, they will not be permitted by their parents anymore to play games everyday. I reckon they are just enjoying themselves while they are at break.

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