Monday, May 12, 2008

: Got my postal ID :

I applied my postal ID last Friday and told me to come back today. After waiting for almost an hour finally i got it. Waiting is really annoying and i thought that the ones that will type the info in my card is away that is why we are waiting. It turns out that she was there in the room and when I am about to give up waiting luckily I was called. Gosh government facilities here are really slow and some are corrupt. So annoying!!

Things to bring when you want to get a postal ID
1. 1 pc 2x2 ID picture
2. barangay clearance, or birth certificate or any ID (for me I just showed them my brgy. clearance)
3. P280 (i don't know sa iba kasi may raket dito sa amin)
4. and lastly a lot of patience hahaha

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