Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I cleaned my closet, have you?

Even before the New Year strikes I already cleaned my closet. Since I became a little chubby (especially on my waist line--- wahhh bilbil!) I gave away I think 4 maong pants and lots of shirts to my niece who happens to fit in them. I also put some of it to our garage sale along with my other bags and other stuff. I have the habit of buying things the whole year round so I believe it is good to give some things that you cannot use or wear any more to someone.

And aren’t we accustomed in cleaning our house/store before the New Year bec. we think that it will be a good luck? Others also buy new furniture or other accessories for the homes or for their vehicles like billet grille so that it’ll have a new appearance.

I remember buying some new plates and other home accessories few years back to give a fresh new look in our kitchen.
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