Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Chefs on the Go

Oh how I wish I am a good cook, I just envy those that have the innate talent to prepare foods delectably. I guess great cooks have really the passion for that craft and I would not even wonder why many are even going to culinary schools to hone their skills. And if you are one of those aspiring chefs in the future, I know this site: Chefs at www.chefs.com can give you loads of information about cooking, recipes, culinary education and more.

We have lots of good chefs here in our country who has graduated in many cooking schools here and abroad and one of them that we are proud of is none other than Cristeta Comerford, a Filipina and the new female executive chef of the White House. I know they are enjoying the foods she is serving them and I hope many of our good chefs here will also make it good everywhere.

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