Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My niece finally arrived

Micah is here already last night and after almost 2 hours of waiting we excitedly saw her and some friends who accompanied her on her Qantas flight from Sydney. I could not recognized her immediately, me and my mom even asked her companion where is she and we're stunned to see her actually grown up and was so tall.

After that we went straight home and had dinner together with my other nephews and nieces and the rest of my family.
The kids also got excited when they receive their chocolates, Christmas box is still coming.

Micah looks so different now and of course she is beautiful (love your own syempre). We were also got scared that she will be bitten with mosquito so we asked her to wear pyjamas, lol. Bilin ng mama nya na mag off lotion kasi baka magkadengue..

Here are photos that i want to share:
Front of NAIA taken from the airconed waiting room
Me and Micah (mana ba sa akin? hehe) look she is taller than me and she's only 13 years old..lol

Micah with cousin Karlo (pinoyblogero.com)

Us here

goofin' with her cousins (it's her 1st time to see Reign inperson)
It will be busy days for all of us here and of course i need to accompany her around and do the shopping..

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