Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It’s time to be eco-conscious

I admire countries that always give high importance in taking care of the environment. Aside from the US, Australia is also one of them and when I was there I could not help it but to admire the cleanliness of the place and how important it is to use products which are environmental friendly. From dishwashing soaps to body care they are encouraging to use eco-friendly products that will reduce energy and help the environment. The use of bags instead of plastic bags when you do groceries is also advertised. There are also designated waste bins for each type of waste (paper, non-biodegradable etc) and i just hope we can also implement that here but i know it will take a lot of discipline to do that.

Anyway, those with automobiles can also help the environment by using products that is not so strong and harsh like auto care products that GTO Autocare is offering. Someof the things that GTO is proud of is that their products are ISO 9002 Quality Assurance Certified, waterbased, with eco-components, no solvents or silicone, and ozone layer friendly. How can you not patronize such products when you know that the auto detailing supplies that you are using for your car is not just safe for you vehicle but to the environment as well?

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