Friday, December 7, 2007

Busy Friday Morning

Hello guys how are you all? I had a pretty busy morning here as I was out till almost lunch time. I went to the bank to pay my monthly tax and oh boy when i got there, there were quite a lot of depositors and payors already waiting for their turns. It was also freezing cold in the bank when i was waiting, i could see all their clients, trying to warm themselves, lol.

After about an hour of waiting my no. was finally called and I was served. I then went to my Internet server to pay also my bill for Nov. and I am glad it took me only few minutes to pay. After that i went to a small tiangge and passed by there and bought myself a red everyday shirt. I was on board the jeepney when i passed by again at a store where they sew blouses and pants so went down and golly i bought 2 pants for only P90.00 each. What a bargain, they sew clothes and mostly their buyers are the ones selling them at Divisoria.

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