Friday, December 7, 2007

Are you a good cook?

If you’re going to ask me then my answer is no but I can cook though. I hate to say it but I lack expertise or talent in that area, just ask me to make a digi layout for you then for sure I can make one haha.. I just envy those that have the passion to cook and to hone their craft by even enrolling on a culinary school just what our local artist Judie Ann Santos did. She finished her culinary arts and even graduated with honors. I am pretty sure the school that she attended has the same high standards like that of Orlando Culinary in Florida, – you can visit the site at if you want to enroll or inquire.

Those that wish to become chefs will have to study in a good school of course to pursue their dreams. I in the meantime will just be contented in eating those delicious meals they will be serving since my cooking skills are not that good.

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