Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Endless shopping

Tomorrow I will be going to Divisoria with a family friend of mine to run an errand for my sister and also to buy some gifts for Christmas. I’m starting early this year to avoid the rush. I will make a list of what I will buy tomorrow and hopefully I will stick on my budget. It’s such a feast to the eyes and hard on my pocket when I go shopping.
For those that don’t have enough time going out, they just preferred to shop online
bec. they find it also convenient and practical. My sis Joy even had a chance to order her grocery online and gosh it was amazing bec. the store even delivered it right in front of her doorstep. Shopping is just one click away these days I can say.

Searching for products online is also made easy too, I stumbled upon ShopWiki, an online shopping search engine where we can find specific products on the Internet with such ease. I tried searching for a steam iron and candelabras their search box and in just seconds the results appeared along with a photo of the products. Hmm I reckon this is good way to know more products. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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