Wednesday, November 14, 2007

WORDLESS Wednesday

My sis -in-law trying to be funny by putting the pom-pom straws on her head that her daughter used on their field day. I hope she will not kill me for posting her pic (she's not reading my blog
I have a different entry at my other blog


  1. lol--she looks like she's very funny :) Happy Wednesday!

  2. Her smile gives it all away! She's loving it!!
    (I love your digital scrapbook work. I have "Photo Shop" on my Christmas list!)

  3. If you can't poke fun at your sister, who can you poke fun at?
    Fun photo. Happy WW!

  4. nice photo - happy WW

  5. Yeah, if I were your sister, I'd be mad!

  6. lol very funny shot. happy ww

  7. I think you all have a wonderful sense of humor: this image is fabulous. If she ever makes it over here, she should thank you for posting it.

    It definitely made ME happy just to see it, so thanks!

    Hope you're having a wonderful WW!

  8. hi bes, i think she's love you for this because she became an overnight star!


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