Thursday, October 4, 2007

I miss Oprah..

..yes i do, ever since her Oprah Show transferred its time slot. I always watch her every night at 11 pm at Studio 23 but i got so disappointed when Ch23 transferred it to 11 am.. Hello???? 11 am who will watch her around that time?? I am at my store/shop so busy with my work and blogging so i have no time to watch her.

I really really LOVE her show and i hope ch23 will put her on night timeslot again.. Pls. pls. bec. i miss her episodes, witty remarks and laugh.

Do you like watching Oprah too?


  1. Good for me though..mapapanood ko na sya sa am kasi di ako pwede sa gabi eh...LOL

  2. I love watching Oprah too. :)

  3. I used to watch her show. But lately, hindi na, kasi super busy na ko sa work. :(


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