Friday, October 5, 2007

Blogging makes me crazy

...... esp. keeping all my 5 blogs updated !! Just in case you don't know i also do the paid blogging (ya know I need to earn extra) and my other blogs with PRs 2 and 3 get the most updates, opps and posts. Sometimes i do cram for deadlines but once i finished them all i can can sigh and say weeeeh that was Blogging is fun, relaxing and inspirational. Would you believe i think about what to blog the next day even before i go to sleep. A clear sign of blog addict, lol???

What about you do you enjoy blogging?
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  1. hello jenny. whats your secret on how to have a pagerank in a blog? until now im still 0 a blog addict too hehe

  2. hi Francine.. ganon ba i have no PR here at my domain too doon sa ibang blogs ko meron kasi they are almost 2 years old na rin..

  3. oooooo, tell me about it. minsan nasa work ako pag may napapansin ako nakakatuwa sasabihin ko sa sarili ko, uy grabeh naman yun, teka magandang iblog yun mamayang gabi, or sometimes I comment inside my head parang nag ba blog ako , ano ba yun grabeh! talagang sign of addiction sa blog. hahaha

  4. you maintain 5 blogs???? Grabe! Ako i think max na yung 2. Pero i love blogging too. Addict rin eh.

  5. yep NIce i have 5 blogs dami ano.. mahigpit pangangailangan eh ahahaha

  6. hehehe. ganyan na din ako ngayon, I would always think of what to blog before I sleep and when I wake up. Addict na nga!

    btw, thanks for dropping by Ate Jen ha! Appreciate it! ;)


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