Thursday, October 4, 2007

Carpet Ride

I got tagged by LIZA on this blog thanks sister!

** Start copying now **
1. Write a short paragraph about your visit by the two Genies and include a link to the blog that passed on the Genie Symbol to you.
2. COPY the Rules and ENTIRE List below and post it on your blog.
3. List down your wish.
4. Place your name below the last name on the list and pass on the Genie Symbol to at least 5 other bloggers.
5. Please put up either one (or both) of the Symbols of the Genies on your blog to show that the Genies have visited your blog:

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Come ride with us, Francine, Bless, Recel, ... oh i think all of us tagged already, just snag it if you want ok

1 comment:

  1. Alakazam! The Genie Princess is here to personally welcome u to the Magical Flying Carpet! She’s very happy that you’ve decided to join the ride and had a good time visiting your blog!

    The Genie Princess would be even happier if u choose to put up one of the genie symbols in your sidebar! Hold on tight as we begin the most magical ride ever!

    Genie Princess


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