Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The weather is just so erratic

Sometimes I just know if I will be glad or not because it is raining already here. If your remember we had typhoon that hits us over 2 weeks ago and that left some flooded areas esp. in low lying areas like Malabon etc. The kids had 3-day off from school and they were happy about it, but little did they know they will pay for the days they didn't go to school. Anyway, many have prayed that the storm will go away but we still complain we it started to get hot again.. lol we never really be satisfied.

Everyday it will be so hot and humid then later on the rain will just pour as if it is another stormy day. After that it will become hot again so many people are sick with colds and flu, so everyone need to take care.

Anyway, i'm about to close my store this minute , i just want to thank all those who visited my blog regularly and have the time also to comment or leave me a note. I appreciate all of them and THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

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  1. It's been weird here too, lately... It was blisteringly hot for a while, and then suddenly it was freezing cold, and then now it's just kind of mild... really weird. Hope your weather gets better soon


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