Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Our small party business slumped

With our desire to increase our income in the last few years, mom decided to open another business which is the Small Party needs business. At first I was too hesitant to open it as I don’t know much about the business, I remember I was the one making the party balloons putting helium gas in it and I was just so scared. With my little knowledge on the new business, not so much enthusiasm on the business and not enough market research on my part, the business did not succeed. I am partly blamed for it because I don’t really like that business and mom just wants us to put it. We end up removing that and I concentrated on my computer business instead.

The lesson I have learned is that we should not go into business when we don’t know about the product and if we will not put our hearts into it. We should do what we want and have passion for or else it will not succeed like what we did before.

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