Thursday, August 30, 2007

Have you been to Vegas?

I haven’t been there but my bro has. It was about 3 years ago when older bro went to the US for their “Painting exhibition” at the Phil. Embassy in New York City. He and his co visual artists were so fortunate to be sponsored by PAL (Phil. Airlines) to go to the US. The exhibition was quite successful; he had sold almost all of his paintings.

Before he came back here he was able to stay with our relatives in LA for a couple of more weeks and he and one of his friends was so lucky enough bec. my relatives toured them around LA and they even went to Las Vegas. Would you believe bro even won at the slot machine? He was so happy bec. it was his 1st time to win, I can’t remember how much it was now. He has only many good words about this big city and was overwhelmed with all that he has seen. He had some photos that he took while he was there. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to stay in one of those posh hotels like the Sahara hotel along Vegas Blvd., he should have experienced how it feels to feel like a king.

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