Sunday, July 29, 2007

My niece is a born artist..

Artists runs in our family. My older brother is a visual artist while Reign's dad also paints early at the age of 2. Mom used to tell me he draws on any surface, our wall (hahaha), paper, dust on the car etc. so there's no doubt that his daughter Reign would inherit that. She started to draw when she was about 2 1/2 or 3 years old,doodling at 1st then later on making flowers, stick people and more.

Right now she is 4 years old and if she is in the mood you'll see her drawing on paper with pen, pencil or crayons. She loves drawing a girl with long hair and flowers. Mom sister Joy even gave her a magic sketcher drawing board so she will not waste too much paper. I know she will grow up a good artist

I saw her drawing early yesterday morning, so i hurriedly took my camera to take a video of her while drawing. Here's the video that i took.

Does your kid/s love to draw? >>Play the video below

Play the video


  1. I'm glad your little girl is so creative. It's wonderful that you encourage her to develop her art skills at an early age!

  2. Hi,
    I am just coming to your blog because I saw your question at blog about the desktop. Thank you for your comment :)
    You can easily use this on your computer desktop with photos in it! You simply download the desktop, open the file in a photoediting program, put in your photos behind the original layer (the one with the desktop design) and just move your photos around until they fit. Then you just save as jpg.
    And then use it as a normal desktop :)

  3. Hi Te Jen, salamat sa dalaw. Galing naman ng pamangkin mo...talagang mana sayo hehe.

  4. I sure hope my Mateo grows up to be artistic too. He has some artistic genes to get from his papa but unfortunately, none from me.LOL :)

    I'm pretty sure you're niece will grow up to be an artist like most of you in the family. She has everyone to inspire her.

  5. HI Brian thanks for the visit, she is really born with the talent, just this minute i saw her doodling again.

    HI KAREN, juts love the dekstop calendar that you made, actually i am using it right now at my pcs at my net

  6. aww, what a budding artist! all kids start out early, according to my parents mga 3 ata nung nag start ako mag drawing ng mga damit damit hehee, si Nathan naman 3 rin when he started to draw, nakakatuwa panoorin mga bata ano, kasi you will never know what they're going to be when they grow up, nakakasurprise yung mga talent nila. =) nice scraps, ate Jen as always, love na love ko mga designs nyo grabehh! ate sayang wala ka nang shoppe, balak ko pa naman bumili ng kit na nafeature nyo sa scrapping garden, sayang =(

    take care po!!

  7. Nits, thanks for stopping by also..

    HI ANDREA, when an artists runs in the family there's no doubt one will follow suit. I hope your son will develop this skill also. Thanks for stopping by !!

  8. I also bought my two-year old son a mega sketcher - just like in the picture. He also loves to draw.

  9. HI Kitty, thanks for dropping by.. nau when i was 3 years old i could not draw like she did, stick people lang

    thabnks for appreciating my designs ha

  10. hi Noelle, worth to buy itong mega sketcher di ba? They can erase their drawing and no need to have many papers

  11. good see you letting your neice draw and express herself, reminds me of my son last time.....

  12. btw added you to my fav at technorati hope you do the same

  13. Hi Simon, thanks for dropping by and thanks for faving my blog, i will do the same


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