Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Yes.... I scrapped !!!

Finished 2 layouts last week and i was very happy with the results. My mojo is finally back and i am starting a new layout this week. I've got lots of photos to scrap so this will keep me busy for quite a while.
My niece and her classmates during their farewell party.
Credits can be found here


  1. aww. your niece looks really cute. :D my little sister used to smile that way before she lost two of her front teeth from eating too much candy.

    keep her off the candies. hehe

  2. Hi Wely Oh no she's been eating candies all the time and would you believe she drinks softdrinks almost everyday. I know this is bad but her mom her keep her out from it !!

  3. i like your scraps, nagmana pala sayo niece mo, born artist

  4. Very nice layouts....


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