Friday, July 27, 2007

A day at my dentist

Finally I got time and budget yesterday morning so I sneaked out of my shoppe at 10 am and went to my dentist. It was already long overdue and i was really scheduled to go to her clinic in May and oh boy it was already July so i hurried up and run to her clinic, lol. Good thing is that i was her 1st patient so i don't have to wait in line. I got some few filling over my teeth and had my tooth cleaned.

he time i had my check-up she told me t that some parts of my gums are inflamed already so she suggested me to use PYODONTYL toothpaste that i can massage every after regular toothbrushin. I've been using it for a while now and it seems working for me and I reckon i will continue to use to make my gums more healthy. Bought it at Mercury drugstore and if i remember it right it costs about Php 175.00, which can last for about 1 1/2 months.

The drilling on my teeth was ok for while but when she is doing the undercut for the fillings to hold, there are times i have to raise my hand bec. i can feel a bit pain. It lasted for about almost 2 hours and my teeth feel refreshed. I better go see her every 6 months so it will not be painful for me when she is doing the cleaning.


  1. you can use a battery operated toothbrush para pati gums mo ma-massage, pero di masakit, that's what our family destist suggested, coz my daughter has the same problem as you.

    I always bring my iPod with me when i go to the destist, the sound from the instruments are annoying, nagingilo ako

  2. This reminds that I also have to visit my dentist soon. I use din electric toothbrush and it cleans my teeth better than an ordinary toothbrush :)

  3. thanks for the tip Girlie and Buge.. really i think i better check out that electric toothbrush this weekend.

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    thats it!...thanks...

  5. i was also prescribed with the same toothpaste...mejo mahal sya but it's really effective.

  6. Hi Thet oo effective nga Pyondontyl, my gums are healing already


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