Monday, December 12, 2016

Gift Giving this Holiday Season

Oh wow.. Christmas is just around the corner and I can feel the Christmas spirit already. Actually, Christmas starts early here in the Philippines because as soon as September steps in, Christmas songs and theme will be heard on radio and be seen on most stores and places here. Now, that Christmas is just a stone away, Christmas fever is in full gear!

Massive discounts are offered everywhere , be it on physical stores, markets, tiangge, malls and even online. Customers will get to enjoy discounts for their holiday shopping. I only have 2 more on my to-buy list and I'm done .. yey! It's really good to have finished shopping early for I have avoided the rush. However, that rush is fine too as we get to feel the gift giving spirit and sharing too. I need to shop till tomorrow so I can wrap all of my gifts.. I have some already under our tree but needs more.

Hope you'll have a great holidays everyone!! Merry Christmas!!

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