Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Perfect Christmas Gift

The most wonderful time of the year is coming in just few days. My gifts are already wrapped and sitting nicely under the Christmas tree. I'm celebrating Christmas here with my sister's family at the Land Down Under and it's my very first time to experience how they celebrate it here. I know it's also good.

The last couple of days are spent going through the shops hunting for the perfect gifts. Although I have brought some gifts with me already when I flew here last November, I can't help but to scour the racks for more good finds. There are many great items to choose from and I have to say that I almost buy another gift for my niece who loves music and is actually taking music at the university. Upon seeing recorders for sale, I thought that I must have been a perfect Christmas gift for her but I already have something for her that she can also use (hopefully).

There are few more days left and I know there are still some people who are on a shopping rush this year. It's fun shopping for ourselves and for our loved ones. Nothing can beat Christmas always.

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