Saturday, November 5, 2011

No More Till Death Do Us Part?

Ahhh.. almost all of my friends got hitched already and I’m the only one left behind. I’m already sick and tired of people asking me when I will get married. I’m tirelessly answering them back with my “tomorrow” answer and with a smile and I guess they already know what I mean hehe.

You know, some people equate happiness with being married and complete but that is not so true anymore these days. Take a look at those celebrities with hundreds and thousand of dollars worth of engagement/wedding or titanium wedding band on their fingers and yet they separate as if marriage is not sacred and for keeps.  Oh well, it’s no surprise to know that my fave Kim Kardashian’s marriage to her hunk husband only lasts for 72 days. That is so sad. So lavish wedding yet it’s not till death do us part.

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